Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

I couldn't care less!

so what's it gonna be
if you don't like my peaches
then don't shake the tree
maybe it's sad but it's easy
the sick ship still rolls

and takes so little to please me
go cross me off your list

no use to be a part of
a world that don't exist

I'm giving up the fight
I never getting paid
but somewhere there's a light

I couldn't care less

'bout sunny or shine

I couldn't care less

what broke me this time

I couldn't care less

that's why I'm drummin' it out

I couldn't care less
that's all I care about

such a good drama

I couldn't care less
that's all I care about

if I am bored though I'm bound

maybe I'm lost
but I don't need to be found

my dreams don't match my pay
I'll be resting in my cage

and forever is just a day
why, where and how

fuck the past
the past ain't now

'cause I ain't got the time
some things could be better
but there's too much on mind

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